If you're wondering what you need to do before you fly, take a look at list below of the most important things to get you ready for your trip.

1. Before you travel

Passports and visas

Make sure you have a valid passport and all other documentation required to enter all the countries you will be visiting including transit countries and for returning home. Remember, if you arrive at the airport without the required documents, you will not be allowed to board your flight.

Advanced Passenger Information (APIs)

This information is required by governments before starting a journey, and is collected by us. You can complete Advanced Passenger Information at My Booking.

The API form requests some or all of the following data:

  • Full Name (first, middle and last names) exactly as written on your passport
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Passport number and country of issue
  • Passport expiry date
  • Nationality

If you're travelling on a flight to or from the U.S.A, you also need to provide:

  • Your address in the U.S. for the first night’s stay (except for citizens or residents of the U.S.A)
  • Your redress number (if applicable). The redress number is a reference number issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to travellers who have previously experienced difficulties obtaining entry to the U.S.A

Travelling to the USA (ESTA)

Please be aware that to travel to the United States of America, you may well have to apply for an Electronic System Travel Authorisation (ESTA).

Travelling to Canada (eTA)

Please be aware that to travel to Canada, you may well have to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).


You will need to comply with the health requirements of the country/region you will be visiting. Consult with your doctor about any health requirements you will need before you travel at least 6 weeks prior to departure.


You should ensure that you have sufficient prescription medications to cover your trip and any potential delays. Remember to bring a prescription or letter from your doctor and remember to carry any prescription medication in your hand baggage.
IATA Travel Centre contains information on passport, visa and health regulations which we recommend you visit.

Travel insurance

It’s important to have travel insurance that covers you and your group for the entire time you are on your trip. Your policy should cover emergency medical situations as well as baggage loss or damage and expenses incurred from disrupted travel plans.


Please check that your hand baggage or checked baggage complies with the dimensions/weight allowed. You can find information on the Baggage page..
Remember: We recommend you carry any medication in your hand baggage. This would include medication that you cannot easily purchase in the country that you are travelling to.

Extra bags

If you’ve bought gifts for your friends and family and have no more space in your luggage, you can still purchase additional bags online. You can do this on My Bookings. Do this before you get to the airport as it will be cheaper.

2. Day of travel

Getting to the airport

Make sure you plan how you’re getting to the airport. Check traffic alerts or transport updates beforehand in case there are delays on your planned route. This should give you enough time to plan an alternative route.
Remember to get to the airport at least 3 hours before your flight.

Checking in

If you haven’t already checked in online through My Bookings, you will need to check in at the airport. Our check-in desks open 4 hours before departure. You can see more information about check-in on this page.

Important: From 24th April 2018, following new security guidelines received from the US government, check-in at the airport for flights travelling to the United States of America will open 4 hours prior to departure. To enable all of the security processes to be completed, we ask that you arrive at the airport to check in 4 hours before departure, and we also request that you be at the boarding gate 90 minutes prior to departure.

Airport security

This can sometimes be busy as there are lots of flights departing daily from the same airports. Please allow yourself plenty of time to get through airport security. You can make it as easy as possible by removing your belt and ensuring that you don’t have any metal items in your pockets. Don’t forget to remove laptops and have liquids in a clear bag.


If you’re travelling to the USA, you need to be at your boarding gate 90 minutes prior to departure. This is to make sure all security processes are completed.

On board

If you’re planning to sleep, we’d recommend you bring an inflatable pillow. If you don’t want to carry it, then we have an amenity kit that you can purchase on board.

The air inside the cabin can be very dry so don’t forget to moisturise your face and hands throughout the flight. Lip balm is great for your lips.

Make sure you move regularly as sitting for long periods can cause your feet to swell. You can also exercise while you’re in your seat.

Lastly, make sure you drink plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to keep you hydrated.


You’ve finally arrived at your destination. If you don’t have someone picking you up, there may be different modes of transport available to get you to your onward destination including car hire, trains, buses, etc. If you choose a taxi make sure it’s registered or official.

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If you need any further assistance, please contact us.

Thank you for choosing to fly with LEVEL and we hope you have a wonderful time at your destination!